Thursday, 7 February 2013

First Blog of 2013

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since we last spoke, but believe me, we have missed you!  

So, what's been happening in the world of IA Sound and Light?

October was one of our busiest periods we have had with Smoke, Low Smoke and Dry Ice Machines out on hire for Halloween - it sounds like some of you had some pretty fun parties going on from the stories we heard when the machines were being returned!  We extended our stock quantities 3 times and still were fully booked our for Halloween!

Then moving on to November, the calm before the storm with Christmas on the horizon - but wait!  You know that saying that every year Christmas starts that little bit earlier?  Even we noticed that this year!  Our Snow Machines were going out from the beginning of November and didn't stop going out until the end of January!

November 5th also saw our team go to Crystal Palace for the yearly Fireworks event there.  Videos can be seen on Youtube here: 

Kids Show:
Adult Show:

This event marked the first usage of one of our most recent stock additions - DAP Audio 15600 kw Sound System as well as rigging up some scanners and lasers to go with the fireworks.

So we hope you all had a good Christmas and New Years Eve/Day.

Since the turn of the year we have launched our webshop: which will have a range of sales and ex-hire equipment for sale to start with.  The aim is to have all of the hire equipment available for checkout online in the near future, however our warehouse is pretty large so this will be a gradual process!

On the 6th February we worked with the BBC for an episode of the One Show.  We were setting up the lighting for the performance by the Shaolin monks at the end of the show.  57 minutes 15 seconds in.  The video can be found here (until iplayer stops it being available!):

The team were on set with the stage manager, director and presenters.  Andy and Malcolm were also the stunt doubles for guests Zoe and Alex in the rehearsal!

We'll try not to leave it so long for our next blog!  

The 24th Jan also saw our most popular facebook status so far...

Valentines Checklist:
- Mirrorball for that romantic effect? CHECK
- Sound System to pump some Marvin Gaye? CHECK
- Emergency Services Blue Fuzz Light for when the Mrs dresses up as a police woman or nurse? CHECK!
- Scented Smoke Machine? CHECK
- Fairy lights to set the mood? CHECK
- For those singletons we also sell batteries...

Get in contact for all of your Valentines Day sound and lighting needs!

Until next time - have a good Valentines Day and get in contact for any sound, light, staging or effects machine needs!

Bye bye for now!

IA Sound and Light
01322 668681

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

August 2012

August Blog

Welcome to IA Sound and Light’s first ever blog!  If you didn’t already know we have joined in with the technological revolution and have multiple ways for you to get in contact with us and see what we’ve been up to!  Here’s a quick rundown of those ways:

-          Facebook:
-          Twitter: @IAHire /
-          Youtube:
-          Google+:
-          Myspace:
-          Tout:
-          Also available through email:
-          Or the good old-fashioned phone! Reach us on 01322 668681

We’ll do a separate blog in the near future to let you know which one is best for you personally to use for us!

This blog however, is all about what we’ve been up to in the month of August!

We kicked off the month with a Wedding in Hampshire where we provided both the equipment for the DJ as well as the lighting in and around the Reception room where the meals were served. Here's a picture!

On the same day our LED Dancefloor was hired in Wilmington for a party.  Before the LED Dancefloor goes out it is set up in our unit – cleaned, tested and programmed for the next use.  To see a video of the testing in progress have a look here.  The video shows gaps between the panels, but this was just for whilst the dancefloor was being tested – when it is actually out on hire there are no gaps and the panels are screwed together to ensure safety and make sure they don’t move during use.

On the 4th August IA provided the Sound and Light for Petts Woodstock (, featuring 16 local bands on two stages.  There are pictures on our facebook page.  Here’s the link! 
We were also pleased to be a part of Bromley Amphitheatre’s productions in Bromley Churchill Gardens, where once again we provided all of the Sound and Light for all of the following events.  The first weekend (Friday 10th/Saturday 11th) featured “Rolling Stoned” which if you hadn’t guessed is a Rolling Stones Tribute Act!  (Footage will be added to our Youtube page in the near future.  The day after there was A Midsummer Nights Dream.
The weekend after was again in Bromley Churchill Gardens for Bromley Amphitheatre where on the Saturday there was Fleetwood Bac performed a tribute to Fleetwood Mac (click here for video of the lights) and the day after Proms in the Park performed a classical set which included fireworks during the 1812 overture for the finale. (Here's a video!).

On Friday 24th August we were in Swanley Park for the 1812 Night Fireworks and Concert, which even despite potentially drenching weather had a fantastic turnout, the park was packed out.
Saturday 25th August IA installed some lighting in a marquee for a wedding in conjunction with one of the DJ’s we use as part of our disco services ( 

Then moving onto the Sunday!  We delivered and installed lights and sound for a party at Bickley Manor Hotel and then went on to provide Litedeck Staging for a Burlesque show at Bad Apple, Croydon.  Run by the very talented Alethea Rose ( who will be running another show on Sunday 28th October if you missed out on this one!  Here’s a link to the facebook event for more information!  

Don't forget to Like/Follow/Watch/Tout/Visit us on our social networks for special offers and discounts.  One of which is a 3 for 2 on hire equipment if booked within the month of September (just quote #IA3for2 when placing your order.  T&C apply.)

So that was August, and that's our first blog!  Now on we move to September!